Blockchain Tech Is UPGRADING The Internet - And Now Investors And Governments Alike Are Racing To Get Ahead Of...

The rise of the "Crypto-net"

The Trump Administration knows world-wide adoption and use of "The Crypto-Net" is only a matter of time - and they're taking measures to "hedge America's bet" for the coming financial and technological revolution...

...and in the next few minutes, you'll discover how to "follow their queue" and take advantage of the single greatest opportunity of the century to turn a modest investment into vast sums of wealth!

Dear Reader,

In October 2019, Mark Zuckerberg was summoned to Washington D.C. to testify before congress about his company’s new cryptocurrency - Libra…

While he was in town, President Trump invited him - along with fellow Facebook board member and cryptocurrency insider, Peter Thiel - to a secret dinner meeting at the White House.

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President Trump and Mark Zuckerberg

While the topic of this meeting was not disclosed, it would seem that the information they exchanged shifted the President’s viewpoint on BlockChain Technology and the future of CryptoCurrency… evidenced by the major focus he put on the Regulation of Cryptocurrencies in his administration’s budget proposal for the 2021 fiscal year, which he brought to Congress in late February 2020.

What changed?

Why would the President go from dismissing Cryptocurrency as funny money whose value is “based on thin air”...

Your Image now urging Congress to allocate $2.4 Billion for the transfer of The U.S. Secret Service back to the Department of the Treasury, so that they can focus on regulating the use of crypto assets on a national scale?

Clearly, the Presidential administration believes that Cryptocurrency is soon going to be adopted by the mainstream, and should therefore be taken into consideration when budgeting for our country’s security...

And it's no wonder!

You see, now more than ever, the world is moving in the direction of purely digital transactions.

Sure, credit card transactions and the wiring of funds are all digital and have been a normal part of our financial reality for decades...

But the rise of PayPal, Square, Venmo, and dozens of other digital payment solutions in recent years have signaled a huge trend in the way we transfer money...

And the widespread panic around the novel Coronavirus pandmenic is only going to accelerate adoption by the masses...

...but as The Trump Administration predicts - and as I think you'll agree - mass adoption of this technology would be inevitable, regardless...

Which presents savvy investors with an opportunity to see ROI's that FAR surpass those made at during the DotCom Bubble - only the "CryptoNet" Bubble will never pop!

I'll explain exactly why in just a moment - but before I do, allow me to introduce myself...


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From the desk of Dr. Henry Haley, New Orleans LA

My name is Dr. Henry Haley.

I'm an independent investor, Crypto Asset researcher, and Ophthamologist out of New Orleans, LA.

For the past 25 years, I've studied and invested in every asset class you've ever heard of...

...but in all my years, I've never come across another asset class that's as disruptive - and potentially profitable - as Crypto Assets.

See, I started my journey as an investor in the early 1990's...

Over the years, I’ve made an effort to stay on the leading edge of new trends in the ever changing global economy - and to this day, I’ve subscribed to no less than 11 high end research services to help me do so.

It was through these that I came to seriously investigate and learn about Bitcoin and CryptoAssets.

At first, I was quite skeptical of the subject...

It seemed like some millennial fad… or worse, an intricate cyber scam…

Plus, it just seemed too technical to interest me.

Yet the truth is

I was resistant to the idea of CryptoAssets because I did not understand what it was useful for and how it could be valuable and properly valued.

However, as I started following the predications (and results) of a dozen or more crypto experts, I became fascinated and excited as to how this technology will impact EVERYONE in the near future.

the world WILL Run on "the crypto-net"

Like the Internet, the Blockchain - the technology that Bitcoin and every other CryptoAsset is built on - will soon be integrated into every existing system of data transfer.

Right now, I could dive into all the technicalities of how Blockchain tech works...

How this "coding miracle" can optimize and enhance every aspect of our digital experience...

How it can provide a system for the exchange and storage of currency more secure than any bank, and with a tiny fraction of the processing fees everyone's always charging.

...but I'll hope you'll take my word for it - since there are tens of thousands of genius-level computer geeks working obsessively to create new, breakthrough applications for Crypto Assets even as you read this.

look what top tech investors have to say:

Former CEO and Executive Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt says,

"Bitcoin is a remarkably cryptographic achievement, and the ability to create something that is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value."

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Billionaire serial entrepreneur, investor, and founder & CEO of the Virgin Empire, Sir Richard Branson says,

"I think Bitcoin is working. There will be other currencies like it that may be even better, but in the meantime, there's a big industry around Bitcoin , and people have made fortunes around Bitcoin.""

And Billionaire visionary and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk says,

"(Bitcoin) bypasses currency controls... Paper money is going away. And crypto is a far better way to transfer values than a piece of paper, that's for sure."

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This technology has already started to disrupt the digital era and generate HUGE profits for investors who had the foresight to get ahead of the trend.

compare Bitcoin's ANNUAL returns vs. the 10 most profitable companies in the world, over the same 10 years:

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Have look at the kind of returns you'd have gotten if you'd invested in Bitcoin back in its infancy...

A $100 investment would be worth over $900 MILLION today...

And many cryptos have done significantly better than even bitcoin.

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consider these ONE-YEAR gains from 2017, the last major crypto bull market

Ripple: 36,018%

NEM: 29,842%

Ardor: 16,809%

Stellar: 14,441%

Dash: 9,265%

Ethereum: 9,162%

Golem: 8,434%

Binance Coin: 8,061%

Litecoin: 5,046%

OmiseGo: 3,315%

Bitcoin: 1,318%

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I think you'll agree when I say:

There's no other asset class out there that can even compare to these kinds of explosive gains!

You see, when you invest in Cryptos, you're not just "buying in" to a bunch of nerdy, niche replacements for fiat currency...

You're investing in a form of technology that is completely disrupting the way human beings store and transfer value.

where will you be standing when the dust settles?

Technological advances change EVERYTHING - especially for those wise enough to see them coming!

Just imagine...

It's November 1980, one month before Apple goes public...

Most people are laughing at that kid Steve Jobs and his crackpot "personal computer" idea...

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Steve Job's personal computer changed the course of history...

But you have a trusted friend with his finger on the pulse of the tech industry - and he tells you, "This is the future."

So on December 12th, the moment Apple goes public - you buy 1000 Apple shares at $0.51 a piece.

Your friends call it a waste of five hundred bucks...

But through your foresight, that little $500 investment would have been worth over $300,000 today...

$1000 investment would have yielded $600,000...

$2000 would have given you almost $2,000,000...

You get the picture.

Yet as world-changing as the Apple's products have been - the returns they've gotten for investors are small potatoes compared to what we're looking at with BlockChain tech and Crypto Assets.


There's no denying it...

Crypto Assets are the future of technology, and the hottest investment opportunity of the century.

Over the years, I've tracked down new research groups with insider connections, and invested in their services…

...but I quickly realized that there was no single PERFECT source that would give me the knowledge, insight, and recommendations to cover the whole asset class.

There are now over 4,000 cryptocurrencies, and more being developed each day - how could I know which ones may be the future Microsofts, Amazons, or Googles of the crypto market?

By cross-referencing several viewpoints, I thought I might be able to gain a more holistic perspective on which CryptoAssets seem to be attacking huge markets, solving major problems, and impacting the world in a big way

...and which ones are actually fads, doomed to plummet in value while others hockeystick to the sky.

After spending over two years, hundreds of hours, and tens of thousands of dollars accumulating this education and personally investing in crypto assets, I realized that I have more knowledge on this subject than 99.99% of the general public.

And all this valuable knowledge could be of tremendous benefit to others like me...

Regular people who want to take control of their financial future rather than leaving it up to fate or whatever the government decides for you.

So I’ve decided to take the consolidated “Crypto Report” that I create for myself on a monthly basis… and make it accessible to any investor who takes their financial future seriously.

I’m calling it…

The Crypto Info Consolidator Report

Listen… I know of no other opportunity to get the consolidated wisdom of all these experts, cross-referenced and distilled down to simple, actionable information in one place.

I’ve spoken with many people who are interested in learning about and investing in Bitcoin, CryptoAssets and blockchain technology, but don’t know where to start or who to listen to…

Which is why this service is designed to take the guesswork out of it, and present you with facts, insights, and expertise distilled through 11 (and counting) different, non-affiliated research services.

The Crypto Info Consolidator Report brings all these different viewpoints into a single, focused entity - a "CliffsNotes" of Crypto Investing, if you will…

A place for a curated, actionable portfolio of the best-of-the-best to get people up and running as quickly and easily as possible.

If you have ANY interest in getting in front of this once-in-a-generation opportunity for MASSIVE wealth creation, then The Crypto Info Consolidator Report is your best bet.


I am offering an annual subscription to Crypto Info Consolidator for the introductory price of $399 per year.

For this fee, you will receive the following:

*Concise, timely, and actionable recommendations on what I have found through all my different research groups to be the best crypto assets in which to invest.

These are the ones that the experts and insiders consider the most safe, the ones targeting the biggest opportunities, and/or have become the most useful and adopted.

These are the ones I have personally vetted and invested in, for all of the above reasons.

I presently have a portfolio of about 50 crypto assets as of this writing.

You'll get information on each one, what they are doing, and why they have been chosen out of the over 4,000 available.

I am looking for both the “blue chips” of the cryptos as well as the ones with the greatest upside.

*Updates approximately twice per month on any new recommendations or changes in the portfolio.

For every recommendation, you'll receive information on what exchange(s) you can use to purchase the crypto asset, and what wallet(s) to use to safely secure your investment.

You will receive recommendations on how much to invest, how much to allocate to each position, and options on how to build your own portfolio based upon your goals and risk tolerance.

I will also discuss significant developments, both positive and negative, that occur in the crypto world - and send out important alerts by email as needed.

And, to make absolutely sure you’re able to experience the Maximum Upside of Crypto Investment with the minimum hassle and head-scratching…

*I’ve also created an A to Z guide to walk you through every step you’ll need to take to get started with Crypto Investing, and continue to do it SAFELY and PROFITABLY for life.

It’s called…

The Crypto Investor's Crash Course

Here's everything you'll get when you sign up today...

MODULE 1: BlockChain Technology

($99 Value)

The crypto market is composed of assets that serve various purposes.

Some are cryptocurrencies, some are "smart contract" platforms, some are utility tokens, some are blockchain interoperability protocols, etc.

In this module, you'll learn exactly WHAT The BlockChain is, and why it's changing the world.

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MODULE 2: Security - First and Always!

($99 Value)

Before you invest in any crypto asset, you must plan on how to safely secure it.

This module will set you up to do it correctly, right from the start.

Own it. Control it. Secure it!

MODULE 3: Setting Up Your Trading Accounts and Wallets

($99 Value)

In order to invest, you need to properly set up accounts and wallets in order to buy, sell, trade, and secure your cryptos.

This module will help point you the way forward with minimal effort and time.

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MODULE 4: Investing In "AltCoins"

($99 Value)

Every crypto besides bitcoin is known as an “altcoin”.

AltCoins are where the REAL money is in Crypto Investing - since each one has been created for a specific application of BlockChain Tech...

Therefore, each individual AltCoin is a potential disrupter that can skyrocket in value when people start adopting it for regular use.

(Just look at the AltCoin Ripple, which went up by over 36,000% in 2017!)

There are some things to know and specific steps to take in order to start purchasing in altcoins... which is exactly what you'll learn in Module 4.

MODULE 5: Constructing Your Crypto Asset Portfolio

($99 Value)

Now the fun REALLY begins!

By now, you'll have everything set up and will be ready to start your journey as a Crypto Investor...

And in Module five, we'll get the ball rolling!

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I will guide you on which Cryptos to invest in and how much to allocate to each of your choices, depending on your goals and risk tolerance.

This will be a fluid portfolio, with additions and deletions as the market rapidly evolves.

You will WANT and NEED advice and hand-holding when the market makes its extreme moves!

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MODULE 6: Dealing With Volatility In Bitcoin and Other Crypto Assets

($99 Value)

One of the biggest deterrents for would-be crypto investors is the extreme swings in price that can be seen on a weekly and even daily basis...

Yet, as scary as this volatility may seem at first glance, it's actually an opportunity to be making BIG gains.

In this module, we go over the "HODLER's Mindset" - how to weather the storm of volatility so to speak, so you don't make rash buying or selling decisions based on emotions, when really you should just sit back and watch.

MODULE 7: Tax Implications

($99 Value)

The crypto market is composed of assets that serve various purposes.

Some are cryptocurrencies, some are "smart contract" platforms, some are utility tokens, some are blockchain interoperability protocols, etc.

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In fact, cryptos have been variously classified as currencies, commodities, utilities, securities, and collectibles.

There are many that fall into each category, and some that are hybrids and fit into more than one. This has created tremendous confusion and uncertainty as to how the IRS taxes them.

This module will help guide you in dealing with the changing aspects of this subject, as well as recommend services that make the tax reporting as painless as possible.

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MODULE 8: Cryptos in an IRA

($99 Value)

Yes, you can invest in crypto assets through a self-directed IRA. Should this be of interest to you, we will provide information and recommendations on the best and safest options.

Now, the total value of The Crypto Investor's Crash Course comes to $792 - but you get the entire program 100% FREE with your CIC Report Subscription.

And, since I want you to be absolutely sure that Crypto Investing is the right move for you...

I'm going to give you FULL ACCESS to The Crash Course, along with my proprietary Crypto Asset Portfolio for a full 2 weeks - FREE OF CHARGE.

That's right - when you sign up today, you'll get access to all 8 modules and all the subscriber-only content for a full two weeks before your first annual charge.

You can go through the entire program, get all the pertinent information, and learn everything you need to know to get started with Crypto investing...

And if at the end of your trial period you decide that Crypto Investing isn't right for you...

Then simply send me an email requesting I cancel your subscription, and you won't be charged a dime.

get full access for $0 today

To my knowledge, this level of Crypto Investment training and service doesn't exist anywhere else - at least not at the price that I'm offering you here.

And as if that wasn't enough...

I want to make this opportunity a complete "no-brainer" for you... which is why if you order today - on top of a FREE 2 week "test drive" - you'll get my...

"Double Or Nothing" Money-Back GUARANTEE

Look… I am so confident in the profit potential of crypto assets that if my representative index of 10 cryptos from the portfolio doesn’t at least DOUBLE by midnight December 21st 2020...

I will HAPPILY refund the price of your subscription.

That’s right, a full refund - not merely a credit to next year’s subscription.

That means you risk NOTHING on this service.

If you invest in cryptos now, you stand to make exponential gains...

And if my "Double Or Nothing" CRYPTO TRACKING INDEX of 10 of our portfolio positions doesn’t increase at least 100% I will happily send you back every penny of the $399 you’ve invested in my service.

Now, if you're new to the world of "Financial Newsletter" services such as this one, $399/year might seem a bit pricey...

...but the reality is that you’ll actually be getting the information at a TINY fraction - LESS THAN 1% - of what I’ll be investing in order get this information to you.

(The research services I subscribe to and will be consolidating for you EACH cost $1,500-5,000 per year)

In essence, you are receiving the benefit of 11 (and counting) different crypto research groups for less than 1% of what it cost me.


I wish this option had existed when I first began this journey... I could have hit the ground running, rather than doing it the long, hard, expensive way!

You will be receiving research findings that have been vetted, cross-referenced, and distilled down to the essential, undeniable trends…

Taking the guesswork out of Crypto Investing, and making big gains as easy as reading a single email and taking the actions I lay out for you.

All you have to do is...



This Introductory Price of $399 is ONLY available right here, right now.

In the coming weeks, as I open up this service to the general public, the investment required to enroll will go up to $499/year...

And by this time next year, after 12 months of delivering timely and profitable advice to my subscribers, helping them experience massive gains, and building up the value of all the members-only content included with the service...

"All The Information I Need To Make Informed Investment Choices."

“Before subscribing to Crypto Info Consolidator I spent countless hours researching hundreds of websites for the latest cryptocurrency information, only to find the details are constantly changing! Crypto Info Consolidator made the entire process so easy & pain free. I have all the information I need in one place to be able to make informed investment choices. Thank you so much!” -Nicole S.

I fully expect to be charging $750 per year for this membership.

So NOW is truly the BEST time to join - not only for the opportunity to lock in the best possible rate for your membership...

...but also to fully capitalize on the mainstream adoption (and price explosions!) of Crypto Assets that we're about to see in the coming months.


Now you may be thinking...

"Why subscribe to this service when I can just buy bitcoin on my own?"

Well, that is certainly your choice and you will probably do well.

However, there are a few reasons why that is not the best option:

You won't know the best time to buy, sell, or hold.

This market is extremely volatile at this stage in its development, and you will almost assuredly get scared out or become euphoric at the wrong times.

The altcoins (every crypto asset besides Bitcoin) make even faster, more explosive moves to the upside and downside than Bitcoin.

These are where the biggest gains occur, but it is even more important to have proper guidance.

There are many scams out there, and many crypto assets that are being developed will fail because of poor execution or lack of adoption.

There are predictions that 95% of all cryptocurrencies will eventually become worthless...

"I Finally Feel Confident Enough To Start Investing... And I'm Already Seeing Returns!"

“Crypto Info Consolidator has been pivotal to my learning about Bitcoin and finally feeling confident enough to start investing…. and I’m already starting to see returns on my initial investments! I’m spreading the word about this AWESOME service to all my family and friends!” -Nick T.

However, the best ones will succeed beyond expectation and skyrocket in value!

This asset class is developing and changing extremely rapidly, and there are already third-generation CryptoAssets that are making some of the initial ones obsolete.

This is why it is absolutely is essential to understand which ones to invest in, and which ones to avoid or sell...

...and that's exactly what I'll deliver to you with The Crypto Info Consolidator Report.


Don’t let this opportunity pass you by and become something you regret for the rest of your life.

You can’t win with Cryptos unless you’re in the game - but if you’re in, you stand to win BIG.

If you do wish to subscribe, do so SOON - as there is quite a bit to understand before you invest…

And you would do well to get your portfolio up and running well before May 2020 - since a rare phenomenon called “The Halving” is almost guaranteed to cause the prices of a few key Crypto Assets to go parabolic!

(You’ll receive detailed information about this phenomenon after subscribing)

After payment is received you will be sent immediate access to my “Double Or Nothing” Crypto Index, along with your “Crypto Investor's Crash Course" program.

Simply fill out the payment information below, and I’ll help you get started with Crypto Investing within the hour!

I look forward to welcoming you on to the path of life-changing profits.


Dr. Henry Haley

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